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Every night is
Carload Night!

$25 Carload Up to 6 People OR
$14 adult
$7 Youth (4-14)
Children up to 3 free.
Movie Program starts at dusk.

Dusk to Dawn Nights!
$30 Carload
up to 6 people
$16 Adult
$7 Youth

Sunday May 21
Friday June 30
Sunday August 6
Sunday September 3
Sunday October 8

You must have an FM radio in your car, we broadcast on channel 106.7 FM

199 Forest Lea Road,
Pembroke, Ontario
(613) 732-2136



Rules & Etiquette

The Skylight Drive-In has these certain rules in place to better protect you (our customers) and our business. In compliance of these rules and policies, we hope to avoid all incidents and make your visit a safe and memorable experience at the Drive-In.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs permitted. Police will be making regular checks around the property, and anyone suspected of drinking or smoking pot on the Skylight property will have their licence plate recorded, and the police notified. We are considered to be under the Highway Traffic Act, so being caught you will face the same penalties as if you are stopped by the police at a ride program or roadside check.
Thank You for keeping the Skylight Drive-In a safe family fun venue!

Parking Large trucks-vans-SUV's or any other vehicle that obstructs the view of the screen, must park in the rear 3 rows. Management reserves the right to designate the parking location of vehicles.

Cars with daytime running lights usually they can be turned off by applying the emergency brake. If they cannot be turned off, please bring with you, blankets, cardboard, duct tape etc... to cover the lights.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please use 1 parking spot per vehicle.

NO REFUNDS on admission.

Passes will be given out for power failures only.

Please remember to respect your neighbours.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Since parking spots are limited close to the snack bar, please arrive early for these spots are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Management reserves the right to adopt or change any rule and any time, with or without notice, to best serve our customers safety as well as our best business practice.

We hope you have an enjoyable and memorable time at the Skylight Drive-In.

Please help keep the spirit of the drive-in alive by spreading the good word: tell your friends and neighbours! Nothing can be more enjoyable than spending quality time on a warm summer evening, with that special someone watching movies under the stars.

Ontario no longer uses their own rating system. Ontario is now partnered with the BC Consumer Protection Branch to rate all movies licensed for Ontario:

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We now accept TAP for all payments. Credit Cards and Debit Cards, and yes we also like Cash!
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