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Every night is
Carload Night!

$25 Carload Up to 6 People OR
$14 adult
$7 Youth (4-14)
Children up to 3 free.
Movie Program starts at dusk.

Dusk to Dawn Nights!
$30 Carload
up to 6 people
$16 Adult
$7 Youth

Sunday May 21
Friday June 30
Sunday August 6
Sunday September 3
Sunday October 8

You must have an FM radio in your car, we broadcast on channel 106.7 FM

199 Forest Lea Road,
Pembroke, Ontario
(613) 732-2136



Tips - Enjoy

Bring a portable radio and extra batteries. You don't want to run down the batteries in your car or smell the exhaust fumes by keeping your car running.

Take some extra money for the concession stand. The prices are remarkably reasonable and it adds to the fun of the drive-in, especially at intermission..

Throw a blanket in the car as well. It gets chilly when the sun sets and it is nice to cuddle while watching the movie.

Bring bug spray and/or mosquito coils.

Keep your window fog free by cleaning it before hand and bringing some anti-fog spray used for hockey visors to wipe down the inside before the show starts.

Weather Pembroke

We now accept TAP for all payments. Credit Cards and Debit Cards, and yes we also like Cash!
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